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Why Everyone Is Off To Bicester?

Posted September 6, 2016 by admin

Lately Bicester has become a “must go to” place, almost everyone has been there and those who have not are either on their way or are planning to go there. It has become a really popular vacation spot for not only individuals but also families.

What is Bicester?

It is a small town with high prospects of growth as it is connected to M40. It is a nice civil town located in Oxford shire district, with ancient architecture and large marketplace. There is a shopping center in the outskirts of the town called Bicester Village. You would need to hire a Bicester minibus taxi on your way back because of all the shopping.

Why Bicester?

The town, other than its location and history, has many other aspects of its sudden popularity. Some of the reasons are:


The marketplace and shopping center. Women love shopping and a town that has its very own shopping village is like heaven for them. Shopping is quite affordable at the Bicester Village and has almost all the brands. The shopping center offer not only verity, but quality as well. This is also the answer to why there are so many minibuses in Bicester.


Entertainment, fun and activates. People want entertainment and different activates to release out all the stress. Bicester has captured this market need in its town by creating different centers for families and individuals to have a great time. Bicester Leisure Centre is a large water theme park for kids and adults. Bicester Bowl is a bowling alley with 6 wide lanes and a delicious food court.


Clubs and bars. People have now started realizing that life is not all work and social media, going out and hanging out with friends in real is a much needed exercise. The town offers 9 different clubs and bars. All of these are fully crowded, offer cheap drinks and great ambiance. Hundred Acres, The Plough and The Bure Farm Pub are rated as top 3 bars and clubs of Bicester and towns near it.


Nature and parks. The best way to know that you are out on vacation is to actually be out, in the nature and exploring things. There are so many organized parks and tracks in Bicester. People enjoy breathing in the fresh air and hiking. Bernwood Butterfly Trail is an example of such attraction. This place comprises of forest paths surrounded by broadleaf woodland. If you have not experienced real live butterflies all in one place, then this place should be on the top of your list.

How to Bicester?

If your reason of not going is how you will get there then you should start packing. There are many ways you can get to Bicester.

  1. You can take a train from oxford that would directly take you to Bicester.
  2. You can always fly in, the town is at a 10 mile distance from London Oxford Airport and from there onward you could hire one of the many Bicester minibuses.
  3. You can always drive by yourself as the town has is very near to the junction 9 of the M40 motorway.

So as all your whys and hows have been answered it is time you pack-up your things and get going towards Bicester. Don’t think just do it.

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